Bringing the Best Coffee and Tea to the Maldives

Our Mission

Quality, passion and craft outline our core values in our endeavor to distribute specialized coffee and tea in the Maldives. We aim to create a community of local artists who carry a love for the art of coffee making, dedicated to create concoctions that satisfy the taste buds of coffee connoisseurs and novices alike. 

Above all, our mission is centered on producing an experience unique to each customer who steps in, with the promise that regardless of any differences, we share a bond created by our love of coffee and community. 

Let’s energize while basking in the glow of a sunrise, bond and share stories over a soothing cup, and unwind after a long day.


Let’s Coffee.  

The Team

Our team consists of local baristas distinguished above all by their passion for the craft of coffee-making. 

With a complementary mix of passionate and qualified workers, the Let’s Coffee team is ever growing and dedicated towards communicating effectively with customers to effectively create and provide premium coffee within a warm environment. 

Meet the Founder

Mr. Mohamed Riyaz is one of the most accomplished, successful, knowledgeable and experienced person in the inbound tourism business in the country.

He achieved success through vision, hard work, personal relationships, travel trade network, determination, and innovative approach to business, philanthropic work and his passion for going to the extra mile.  His dedicated work ethic and love for the local community translates directly to his newest venture, Let’s Coffee, with the aim of bringing the best coffee and tea to the Maldives.

Mr. Mohamed Riyaz started his career with the National Bank of the country ‘ Bank of Maldives where he had worked for over 13 years in various jobs of which the last was as a Manager for one of the banks branches.

After leaving the bank in 1996, he then joined the tourism industry and worked as a travel consultant for an inbound travel company. Then in 1999, he founded Inner Maldives Pvt. Ltd., with a partner, which became a successful inbound tour operator.

After 6 years with this company, he realized that his expertise, knowledge and experience could be better utilized in a new venture, thus came the company Lets Go Maldives Pvt. Ltd.


Now, having achieved exemplary success within the tourism industry, he is determined to extend his experience towards this new venture of supplying premium coffee and creating a local community of coffee aficionados. By utilizing his expertise, knowledge, experience and industry network, he is determined to make Let’s Coffee the most reliable, high quality coffee distribution services in the country.

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