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Let’s Coffee: Brewing Coffee Dreams and Opportunities

Let’s Coffee Maldives, its main outlet located in Maafannu ward of capital Male’ City, is introducing a unique premium brand of coffee – Catunambú Coffee. An Andalusian product boasting over 120 years of development and success in the industry. True to the brand reputation, they say the secret behind delicious coffee is a great roasting technique. It’s a wide selection of products is therefore inclusive of a high range of specific taste profiles, from acidic and rough drinks to penetrating and soft combinations of textures and aromas. 

The outlet’s drink profile is not limited to great tasting coffees, but also includes a variety of tea brands to appease a wider range of tastes and preferences. “The collection aims to soothe the body while providing a playful mix of flavors that tickle the taste buds as you wind down with a warm cup of our quality tea,” explained the company.

Let’s Coffee is built on the belief that a quality drink requires a quality machine. The Catunambú Coffee is ground to perfection and prepared using La Rocca and Nivona products that guarantee the signature Catunambú taste and condition over a large range of drink types and sizes. The machines used and up for purchase have various functions to ensure precision in every step of the coffee-making process. “Our models carry a minimalistic design that facilitates ease of use while carrying an air of polished efficiency. They are highly advanced and include automatic boiling features and self-cleaning procedures that minimize the need for constant maintenance, thereby allowing users to focus solely on creating a quality drink,” says Let’s Coffee. Available in multiple colors, the sleek devices fit perfectly into any professional environment and relay the Let’s Coffee promise of high-quality drinks. 

Let’s Coffee is an empowerment power store that offers entrepreneurs who wish to realize their coffee business dreams with a premium coffee brand, machines, and barista training.  

Let’s Coffee welcomes local artists with a passion for creating beautiful designs on top of a delicious cup of coffee. “Our program does not require prior experience or skill; simply a love for making coffee and a willingness to learn. Our training program provides an opportunity for individual expression and focuses on fine-tuning skills through practice and dedication. We’ll help you translate your creativity into reality with a training program that combines knowledge with practice.” 

“We aim to create a community of local artists who carry a love for the art of coffee making, dedicated to creating concoctions that satisfy the taste buds of coffee connoisseurs and novices alike,” says Mohamed Riyaz, founder of the company, who is one of the most accomplished travel professionals in the country. 

“We want to help young entrepreneurs succeed in their coffee business ventures.” 

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