Barista Training

Make Great Designs

We welcome local artists with a passion for creating beautiful designs on top of a delicious cup of coffee. Our training program provides an opportunity for individual expression, and focuses on fine-tuning skills through practice and dedication. 

We’ll help you translate your creativity into reality with a training program that combines knowledge with practice.


Here at Let’s Coffee, great art meets great coffee.  

For Everybody

Our program does not require prior experience or skill; simply a love for making coffee and a willingness to learn. The training modules are designed in a way that breaks down complicated procedures into easily understandable steps regardless of previous skill level. 

Under our tutelage, any determined learner can acquire international qualifications and start a rewarding journey as a barista. 

Learn Great Skills

In line with our promise to provide quality service and a premium product, our training program focuses on refining communication skills in addition to the technical knowledge required to maintain a high standard. 

We aim to produce professionals that combine artistry with quality via a course that instills confidence, theoretical and practical experience, along with an excellent work ethic to all that join. 

Get Barista Training Now

If you want to get barista training for yourself or for your employees, send us your info and we will contact you in the shortest time possible.