Bringing the Best Coffee and Tea to the Maldives

Best Roasted Coffee

We distribute Catunambú coffee; a quality Andalusian product that boasts over a 120 years of development and success in the industry. True to the brand reputation, the secret behind delicious coffee is a great roasting technique. Derived from time tested techniques, the Catunambú coffee bean roasting method averages a minimum of 20 minutes and utilizes modern machinery to produce darker grains. 

Our wide selection of products is therefore inclusive of a high range of specific taste profiles, from acidic and rough drinks to penetrating and soft combinations of textures and aromas. 

Greatest Taste

The Catunambú brand emphasizes a unique combination of the body, acidity, fragrance and flavor of coffee to create an unparalleled taste. 

With a wide bank of knowledge about every step of the coffee-production service, from the understanding that greater acidity is achieved by selecting beans from trees grown in higher altitudes, to mastering the combination between the right aroma and flavour, our coffee is synonymous with quality and great taste. 

Delicious Tea

Our drink profile is not limited to great tasting coffees, but also includes a variety of tea brands to appease a wider range of tastes and preferences. 

The collection aims to soothe the body, while providing a playful mix of flavors that tickle the taste buds as you wind down with a warm cup of our quality tea. 

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