Lets Coffee: Empowering entrepreneurs to realize coffee business dreams

So, you’ve decided to open your very own café. Opening a successful coffee shop can be a rewarding experience. Because of you, hundreds of friends will have great conversations and enjoy quality time together.

All you have to do is get your coffee shop up and running, and do it right… but that’s easier said than done!

You need a quality coffee brand, as well as the right machinery and skills to make your coffee venture a success. Lets Coffee Maldives’ end-to-end solution — supply of premium coffee and machines, as well as barista training — is the answer to your worries.

Lets Coffee Maldives is offering the perfect opportunity for young Maldivian entrepreneurs with a passion for great coffee to get a head-start in realising their business dreams or get trained as a professional barista.

“Quality, passion and craft outline our core values in our endeavour to distribute specialised coffee and tea in Maldives,” says Mohamed Riyaz, the company’s founder who is among the most accomplished travel trade professionals in the country.

“Our mission is centered on producing an experience unique to each customer who steps in, with the promise that regardless of any differences, we share a bond created by our love of coffee and community.”

Catunambú coffee – premium quality

Lets Coffee, with its main outlet located in the Maafannu ward of capital Male, distributes Catunambú coffee — a quality Andalusian product that boasts over 120 years of development and success in the industry.

As one of the oldest and best known coffee brands in Spain, the Catunambú brand emphasises a unique combination of the body, acidity, fragrance and flavour of coffee to create an unparalleled taste.

With a wide bank of knowledge about every step of the coffee-production service, from the understanding that greater acidity is achieved by selecting beans from trees grown in higher altitudes, to mastering the combination between the right aroma and flavour, Catunambú coffee is synonymous with quality and great taste.

The Catunambú line of products available through Lets Coffee feature a high range of specific taste profiles, from acidic and rough drinks to penetrating and soft combinations of textures and aromas.

Easy access to professional machines

A major component behind great tasting coffee is the quality machinery. Catunambú coffee is ground to perfection and prepared using La Rocca and Nivona products that guarantee the signature Catunambú taste and condition over a large range of drink types and sizes.

The machines offered by Lets Coffee combine a professional look with incredible ease of use that enable anyone, from experienced baristas to beginner coffee lovers, to create delicious coffee with minimal instruction.

These models are highly advanced and include automatic boiling features and self-cleaning procedures that minimise the need for constant maintenance, thereby allowing users to focus solely on creating a quality drink.

Lets Coffee will help interested entrepreneurs get a professional machine through easy financing schemes.

Become an international barista

Lets Coffee welcomes local artists with a passion for creating beautiful designs on top of a delicious cup of coffee. Its training programme provides an opportunity for individual expression, and focuses on fine-tuning skills through practice and dedication.

The barista training programme offered by Lets Coffee does not require prior experience or skill; simply a love for making coffee and a willingness to learn. The training modules are designed in a way that breaks down complicated procedures into easily understandable steps regardless of previous skill level.

Under the tutelage of Lets Coffee’s experienced baristas, any determined learner can acquire international qualifications and start a rewarding journey as a barista.

“With a complementary mix of passionate and qualified members, our team is dedicated to creating and providing premium coffee within a warm environment,” adds Riyaz, who is also the founder of popular local travel agency Lets Go Maldives.

“We aim to create a community of local artists who carry a love for the art of coffee making, dedicated to creating concoctions that satisfy the taste buds of coffee connoisseurs and novices alike.”

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